Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey Mom, I have read both of your letters and am now just repling to this one. To tell you the truth I have had a pretty losy week. I first started off with a HIGH fever of 101.8 and a stuffed up head like none other. The fever went away that night and that was nice but the stuffed up head will NOT go way! the next day I thought all would be fine and so I go to class and cough here and there, blow my nose and then that night I get an ear ache.... The doctors office doesn't open til 8 so that kinda sucks because I have been up sense 3ish. The doctor looks in both of my ears and stands back and says, well you have an ear infection in both your ears... HA! DUH! I can't seem to get rid of them and really hate being sick here. I have to take my meds when I eat or I get noseous and throw them up.... yeah, Fun times! The doctor says that I'll be like this for about a week. LAME! But I'll get through it.

So if you could send some things that I know my compains would love... I'll be a hero!

Sister Morrison loves koshi foods and I have asked around and found our that she loves Koshi shredded wheat cereal. So if you ever have time that would be like 5 extra points on the MOM'S AWESOME scale.
Sister Perez likes Reeses peanut butter cups, but not the small ones, so maybe you could get a few kings size ones or whatever.

The chocolate covered cinnimon bears sure were a big hit!!!!! I want like 4 boxes! I haven't had any yet because I have been sick so yet. I have some pictures I am sending you.

I don't know if you knew this but you can send letters on DearElder.com and I will get them that night. Just a thought. Love you.

Sister Hart


Hi Mom. Thanks for the package minus the cinnimon bears... kidding! But know that I was WAY excided and happy to hear from you and knowing that you are doing ok. Just remember that the lord will always be with you as long as there is room in your heart. I love how you got everyone to put a drawing or something in the package! Those are the best kind. I sent you a postcard today so you should be getting it in the mail. Its really great here and I LOVE my missionary companions, they make me a better person.

Hey if you could send me a harmonica... we need some people with some musical talent in our branch... and I also need to know how to write the notes. If you could get me a C type and the little booklet that comes with it when you buy it at Bill's. My companions here are really great. There is Sister Perez and her dad works at NASA! Sweet right? She's from Virgina and She is going to Portugal (but so is my whole district minus 2 who are going to Brazil). Its great that I have a 3 ship- companionship. There is also Sister Morrison. She plays volleyball (and so does Perez, they both were on the high school team and some college team too). She's really a great person and she keeps my honest. They both help me with the language (which can be hard at times for me). Life here is pretty easy. It almost feels like I've been here for months now because the days drag on for quite some time.

Know that I love you mom and Read D&C 6:36-37 that's the scripture that helps me get through the day.

~Sister Hart

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Finally Here!

I'm really quite excited! This will be the last post that I will do on my own. My mother will be posting my emails I will be sending her. Last night, it was a truly humbling experience. My uncle Darren came with 2 of my little cousins (Bruce and Sian) along with me and mom to my setting apart. The Stake President's scripture really stuck out to me. It was in D&C 84 (I can't remember the verse). But the promises that he read in those few verses really calmed down myself. It was quite AWESOME to have my Uncle Darren participate in my setting apart! We both have shared a few special day this year together. I am grateful for my family and all they do for me.

Well I am all packed and ready to go! I thank you all for keeping me in your prayers.

My farewell Talk

Some people have asked me to post my farewell talk... here it is.

Mission Farewell Talk

Brother Wood gave me my topic for my farewell talk. For my topic, he gave me 2 questions;
The first 1 is- Why do I Believe?
The church’s definition of worship is: to worship God is to give Him our Love, Reverence, Service, and Devotion.
D&C 59:5 Says: “Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy Heart, with all thy might, mind & strength; and in the name of Jesus Christ thou shalt serve Him.”
In both the scripture and definition, the Heart or Love comes first. Why do I believe? Love, that’s why. The Love, the purest love you can ever feel & know of, is Christ’s love. It took love to go to the grove and shed blood from every pore. It took love to get up after that and forgive those that betrayed Him, judged Him, put a crown of thorns upon His head, ignored Him, hammer nails in His hands and feet, and hang Him from a cross, while being slapped and spit upon. It took love, a measure more then any of us have to say these next few words: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34). See, I Believe in the love of Christ, because I feel it every day and what that love brings to me is incomprehensible. To have that assurance, not only fills my heart with love, but I hope that others around me can feel it too. When I walk through those church doors, knowing that I’m able to take the sacrament and not only be washed clean, but freed from my sins is an act of love that I hope to share with people while on my mission.

Why do I believe? To refer back to the scripture & definition, they both end with Service. This church is well known for its service, not only to its members, but others as well. It is a service that we as members must bare each other’s burdens, member or not, it is what we must do. To quote part of Mosiah 2:17 “when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” Which brings me to my second question. Why do I want to be a missionary? I want to be a missionary because I believe in these simple acts, such as love and service. Is it not enough to just help the old lady across the street? Or to tell a family member or friend, I love you? Or is it to help our fellow beings find joy and happiness through the Gospel that we all share and love? I want to be a missionary because it will not only bring LOVE into some ones life, but love into mine. And that is what true Service is, an act of love. I know that I have some ruff times ahead of me, but I also know that if I keep an eye single to the glory of God, then I am qualified to do this work just like D&C 4 promises.

Its these 2 questions that satan likes to lead us away from by going against simple commandments that the world seems to flaunt in our face. We all have our weak spots, but these 2 SIMPLE questions if remembered from time to time, will make us stronger then we know and feel. The first question (Why do I believe?) Should always lead us to the second question (Why do I want to be a missionary?) because in the simplest of terms we all can be missionaries through our callings or work in the church. Just like David O. McKay said “Every member a Missionary!” but I want to add what Spencer W. Kimball said “Furthermore, the command is clear that not only must all members of His church give missionary service, but we must take the gospel to all the children of our Heavenly Father on this Earth”. To some, this service comes at a price, like leaving behind your family and friends. A year and a half or 2 years might be a lot for some people, but it seems to be just long enough to change the missionary so he or she can benefit from it for the rest of there life and that is what I plan on doing.

Our Father in Heaven wants us to be happy, and its this type of LOVE & SERVICE that will make me happy most of all.

Now I would like to bare my testimony.
I have the faith to believe in this church’s work and I know that that work is true. Joseph Smith was in fact a Prophet and God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ did visit him. I testify that the Scriptures, as a whole work to together and the Book of Mormon is also the word of God. I Believe that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet today. His words are the words that the Lord would have us hear in these last days and to quote Jeffery R. Holland, “In the last days neither your heart nor your faith will fail you.“ It is these words that we all should treasure up so carefully and take them into our Hearts and never let them go. I love my Grandparents. They still influence my life today. I’m grateful for my family. They mean so much to me then they realize some times. There influence has truly blessed me. I love my Mom, I know that we have tuff times, but it all seems to be lightened when we let the Lord in and the Lord is with us now. Your strength has given me strength, your hope has given me hope and most of all your love has given me love. Thank You. I’m grateful for my friends. All of you are more like brothers and sisters, Aunt and Uncle then friends. After all we are literally spirit brothers and sisters And I know that I would be in a pretty dark place if I didn’t have you around to help me with life’s struggles. This next Scripture is one that is repeated in my Patriarchal Blessing a couple of times and I have grown fond of it and it is D&C 6:36 “Look unto me in every thought; doubt not fear not.” It is these word that will give me comfort when I am away from all of you. Serving my mission and doing the work the Lord would have me do.

While Hearing this talk, I hope that it has brought happiness to your heart. Because the true key to happiness is to labor for the happiness of others and I know these things are true, for I testify of them in our Loving Brother’s name, Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Monday at work

So, I'm sitting here at work... good times. I sold a vacuum.

I'm getting more and more jitters about entering the MTC (provo) now... before, when I was suppose to go to the Brazil MTC, I had time on the flight to get use to the idea. But now its just a 5 min. drive away. I hope that I still get to go to the Brazil MTC. I'm am so truely blessed to have this opperunity to serve the Lord.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Last Sunday

Today is the last Sunday before I enter the M.T.C. and not only that... but it is also the last Sunday of the year. A new beginning, a fresh start. I would like to take this opportunity and bare my testimony. I LOVE our Savior, Jesus Christ! He is the omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence. He is my Brother most of all. I am in his debt.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas.

Mom and I are going to do some last minute shopping today for the mission. I will be getting set apart on Tuesday at 9pm and then entering the MTC on Wednesday at 1pm sharp. I'm so glad that I have this opportunity to serve the Lord in Brazil! Thanks to all of you that support me and my calling! God Bless!